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blur72 пъти видянаproblems with the autofocus
Day 7 (15 feb)64 пъти видянаgood inversion above. No signs of overdevelopment.
Day 7 (15 feb)69 пъти видянаCool looking gradient but such big layer of instability usually hides inversions.
The Moree sounding confirmed a low inversion which broke about 1 pm.
The clouds were well developed but higher up there was too much moisture and the dead clouds kept staying for a while causing shadows and difficulties to find the active one.
Thermals were 1-2 m/s with good peaks of 4-5 m/s. Cloudbase was 1800-2000 m
end86 пъти видяна
HQ82 пъти видяна
bombastic89 пъти видянаafter the climb I flew downwind until I landed side/downwind of the higher hills NW of Borah.
Then I proved the usefulness of PG. For 10 km flight I walked 15! It took me 1 hour hiking until I saw a road and then half an hour until I got to this road and then another hour until I got to the asphalt...
Still nice landscape. Reminded me of my hiking youth in BG mountains
cumulus snailus90 пъти видянаcumulus ohluvos
second chance85 пъти видянаat 3:30 I restared again. There were short bubbles at the take off so I left them and glided zigzag to the area of the central shadow. 100 m above the ground I got a steady climb to 1800.
east looks good76 пъти видянаbecause of the higher mountains there
game over71 пъти видянаYesterday I didn't fly directly to Baraba because of a dying cloud and sticked to the hills SE of the town. Today I flew even further east and again bombed out despite the few cumuluses above.
Next time I'll probably fly to directly to the blue hole ...
not working64 пъти видяна
cumulus marmaidus tailos72 пъти видянаcumulus rusalkos opashatos
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